No, Anytime Movers brings along all the necessary tools that are needed to remove and re-install any mirrors attached to your dresser. We will not remove any fixed mirror on the wall or attached to home.

Anytime Movers will move your dressers with the drawers in them. Only clothing or items made of cloth may be left in the drawers. Other inexpensive furniture pieces must be completely empty to be transported safely. Please remove all jewelry, perfume, and non-clothing items. * If you leave items in the drawers Anytime Movers will not cover these items under our insurance. This also pertains to file cabinets and all other heavy pieces of furniture that have drawers.

No, absolutely not. Anytime Movers can bring along all the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble your beds for you upon request. If your bed has air or water fill, please have it empty before moving day. All of the bedding should be removed from the bed before the movers arrive.

Yes, our full trained packing staff is ready to help you with any size move or pack. We have professional packers available to help with the pre-packing sorting and organizing.

We are equipped to handle large, extremely heavy and oversized items. These items incur additional charges because they require additional man power and specialty equipment. Please let us know when booking your move of any unusual, very heavy, or delicate items that require extra attention.

Yes, the freezer and refrigerator must be completely empty so no items get broken or inside of appliance stays in working condition.

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